Our Community

We are proud to say that Clementine composts nearly all of its kitchen waste.  From carrot tops, to chicken bones, to wax-coated boxes that can’t be recycled, it all goes in our big composting bin out back.  You probably know that composting at home is a good thing to do, but did you know that LA County offers lots of resources to get started, including great deals on backyard composting bins?

Learn about the Bottle Box, that we use for our garden salads - made here in Southern California from 100% post consumer PET.

Our Community:

Food Forward  - Food Forward staff and volunteers rescue 353,000 pounds of surplus produce each week from fruit trees, farmers markets and the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market.100% of these fresh fruits and vegetables are donated to over 575 hunger relief agencies across 8 counties in Southern California.

Our Suppliers:

Coastal Organics  - they can be found at the Wednesday and Saturday Santa Monica Farmers’ Markets (Second St. & Arizona)
McGrath Family Farm
Polito Family Farm - we count on them to give us super-juicy Valencias to make the best fresh-squeezed orange juice, and of course, Clementines when they’re in season.
Tamai Farms delivers delicious strawberries, beets, leeks, corn, tomatoes to our door.
California Olive Ranch - we use extra virgin olive oil produced right here in California for our salads and dressings.
Little Flower Candy Co. - local handmade vanilla and sea-salt caramels - yum!
Massey Honey - local, seasonal honey
Taza Chocolate - organic, stone-ground chocolate
Organic Candy Factory - all natural and super delicious
Koeze’s - organic peanut butter, yummy nut cluster candies 
Valerie Confections - local toffee and chocolates
TCHO - San Francisco based chocolate company  
Eos Chocolates - chocolate covered almonds
Compartes - local, stylish chocolate bars